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Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean

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In accordance with paragraph 2 of resolution 700(XXXVI), in which it was decided that the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development will be State-led and open to the participation of Latin American and Caribbean countries, and that it should provide useful opportunities for peer learning, including through voluntary reviews, the sharing of best practices and discussion on shared targets.

* (Resolution 700(XXXVI) )

Country National Voluntary Review
  2016 2017 2018 2019  
Bandera Antigua y Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda        
Bandera Argentina Argentina      
Bandera Bahamas Bahamas      
Bandera Barbados Barbados        
Bandera Belice Belize      
Bandera Bolivia (Plurinational State of)        
Bandera Brazil      
Bandera Chile    
Bandera Colombia    
Bandera Costa Rica      
Bandera Cuba        
Bandera Dominica        
Bandera Ecuador      
Bandera El Salvador      
Bandera Grenada        
Bandera Guatemala    
Bandera Guyana      
Bandera Haiti        
Bandera Honduras      
Bandera Jamaica      
Bandera Mexico    
Bandera Nicaragua        
Bandera Panama      
Bandera Paraguay      
Bandera Peru      
Bandera Dominican Republic      
Bandera Saint Kitts and Nevis        
Bandera San Vicente and the Granadines        
Bandera Saint Lucia      
Bandera Suriname        
Bandera Trinidad and Tobago        
Bandera Uruguay    
Bandera Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)