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Mrs. Birgit Gerstenberg (German) is the Resident Coordinator in Belize and El Salvador.

She serves the UN for over 20 years in UN peacekeeping missions and the HighCommissioner of Human Rights. She held posts in several countries of Latin America
(El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile), the Caribbean (Jamaica) and Africa (Sudan and Uganda). 

Before joining the UN, Mrs. Gerstenberg did research and teaching in the field of history of philosophy in Latin America in Germany. She holds a Master equivalent in Philosophy , a PhD in History of Philosophy in Latin America (Universities in Germany) and finished studies in Law and Fundamental Rights (Carlos III University in Madrid/Spain).

Dr. phil. Birgit Gerstenberg

Birgit Gerstenberg

Coordinadora Residente de las Naciones Unidas en Belice y El Salvador