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Overcoming the digital divide in times of pandemic - Open access to verified information on sustainable development

Side event

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Thu, 18/03/2021 - 13:00 to 14:00

Organized by ECLAC in Brasilia, ECLAC Hernán Santa Cruz Library, in collaboration with the Brazilian Federation of Librarians Association and UNIC DE Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago


Objective: The objetive of the event will be to discuss and learn about how libraries can support efforts to ensure access to reliable information, based on scientific evidence, on COVID-19; in addition to sharing experiences of libraries in the region that, during the pandemic, have guaranteed access to information on sustainable development and contributed to the reduction of the digital divide.

16:00 - 16:05    OPENING Carlos Mussi
– Director, ECLAC Brazil

16:05 - 16:40    VERIFIED is the United Nations initiative to combat false information and data - How do the region's libraries provide references and access to correct documentation and data for sustainable development in the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Juan Miguel Diez - Director, UNIC Port of Spain (presentation)
• Javier Murillo Acuña - Director Metrics Digital - Mexico (presentation)
• Adriana Ferrari - Vice President of FEBAB - Brasil
• Wouter Schallier - Chief, Hernán Santa Cruz Library – ECLAC

16:45 PM - 17:00 PM   Presentation of videos on the experiences of libraries in the region in reducing digital gaps in access to quality information.
• Tamara Brathwaite 
• Hernán Santa Cruz Library – ECLAC
• Adriana Ferrari - Vice President of FEBAB - Brasil

17:00   Closing
• Carlos Mussi – Director, ECLAC Brazil