Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean

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In accordance with paragraph 2 of resolution 700(XXXVI), in which it was decided that the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development will be State-led and open to the participation of Latin American and Caribbean countries, and that it should provide useful opportunities for peer learning, including through voluntary reviews, the sharing of best practices and discussion on shared targets.

Voluntary National Reviews (VNR)

As part of its monitoring and review mechanisms, the 2030 Agenda encourages member states to conduct periodic and inclusive reviews of progress at the national and subnational levels, which are led by countries. The presentations of these national reviews are an essential part of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF). As specified in the 2030 Agenda, the voluntary national reviews (VNR) presented during the HLPF are led by member states, carried out by both developed and developing countries, and provide a platform for partnerships, including through participation and interaction with major groups and other relevant actors and stakeholders.

The objective of the VNR is then to facilitate the exchange of experiences among peers, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, with a view to accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The VNR is also a valuable mechanism to coordinate and strengthen the policies and institutions of governments and mobilize multi-stakeholder support and build partnerships for the implementation of the SDGs.

The Voluntary National Reviews in Latin America and the Caribbean

As of March 2022, 28 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean presented voluntary national reviews (VNRs) at the HLPF between 2016 and 2021. 14 countries presented VNR more than once. Check the map to find the links to reports by country.

In 2022 the following countries will present reports:

  • 1.Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2.Bahamas
  • 3.Bolivia
  • 4.Colombia
  • 5.Cuba
  • 6.Guatemala
  • 7. Mexico
  • 8. Nicaragua


Country Voluntary National Reviews
  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Bandera Antigua y BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda           Icono Doc-proceso
Bandera ArgentinaArgentina   icono informe     icono informe  
Bandera BahamasBahamas     icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
Bandera BarbadosBarbados         icono informe  
Bandera BeliceBelize   icono informe        
BanderaBolivia (Plurinational State of)           Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaBrazil   icono informe        
BanderaChile   icono informe   icono informe    
BanderaColombia icono informe   icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaCosta Rica   icono informe     icono informe  
BanderaCuba           Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaEcuador     icono informe   icono informe  
BanderaEl Salvador   icono informe        
BanderaGuatemala   icono informe   icono informe   Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaGuyana       icono informe    
BanderaHonduras   icono informe     icono informe  
BanderaJamaica     icono informe      
BanderaMexico icono informe   icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaNicaragua           Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaPanamá   icono informe     icono informe  
BanderaParaguay     icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaPerú   icono informe     icono informe  
BanderaDominican Republic     icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaSaint Kitts and Nevis            
BanderaSan Vicente and the Granadines         icono informe  
BanderaSanta Lucía       icono informe    
BanderaTrinidad and Tobago         icono informe  
BanderaUruguay   icono informe icono informe     Icono Doc-proceso
BanderaVenezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) icono informe