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Serial entrepreneur and businessman. Founder of several companies.   Disseminator of the effects of exponential phenomena on society and the application of innovation to improve people's quality of life, taking cities as the engine of change for the entire planet. Expert in Digital Transformation and recognized analyst on issues of the fifth industrial revolution and social transformations from deep technologies. 

Prolific International Speaker.

First Director of the Medellín Science,Technology and Innovation Plan, Ruta n.  

Former Director Planning & Prospective Area, Ruta n. 2015-2020.

Juan de la Cruz Posada Medal: Antioquia Society of Engineers and Architects: SAI. 2020.

Exemplary Professional Member IEEE: Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers 2009.

Arquímedes Award, Ruta n 2013.

Founder with associates of the IT Tech Group CompuRedes. Sold to the SURA Group.

Investment Committee member, Velumventures.com fund.

Former member fAIr LAC IADB, Ethical Implications i Intelligence AI. 

Former Executive Director elede Foundation.

Board member TIG: Biosciences group, F2X: Intelligent Transport Systems, Fluid Inc: Cybersecurity.

IFC World Bank Consultant.


Elkin Echeverri

Elkin Echeverri

Consultant with the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group