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Mrs. Rochelle Newbold has been working in the environmental field for more than 22years. She  has worked in both public and private sectors of The Bahamas and the United States managing  environmental matters. She has also managed United Nations regionally funded projects and was  the first Chair of the Bahamas Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Small Grant program. Mrs.  Newbold recently served as the first appointed Director of the Department of Environmental  Planning and Projection, which is the first legislative environmental department in The Bahamas.  Mrs. Newbold holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University in  Coastal Environmental Management and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University  of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a Charted Scientist and a Member of Charted Institute of  Water & Environmental Management, United Kingdom. She has represented and negotiated  for The Bahamas at numerous international and regional environmental conferences and has  authored and contributed to various national environmental legislations, environmental  awareness handbooks and regional and national plans, programs and policies. Mrs. Newbold  led the technical team at COP25, to COP28 and has been appointed to the Office of the  Prime Minister as the first Climate Change Tzar for The Bahamas and Special Advisor on Climate  Change and Environmental Matters to the Prime Minister. Mrs. Newbold also contributed to the  development of the first blue carbon credit initiative with the drafting of the Climate Change and  Carbon Markets initiatives Bill (2022).  

Notwithstanding her strong environmental background, Mrs. Newbold is also the Director of The  Sustainable Development Goals Unit (SDG) and is responsible for the 17 goals of that program  which cover issues of social, environmental and governance. She is a Social Leader having founded  and implemented a Women’s Retreat program since 2006 and the Lads to Leaders Program  which is an international program which focuses on young girls and boys since 2007. 

Rochelle W. Newbold

Special Advisor on Climate Change and Environmental Matters in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas