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Regional Voluntary National Review and Voluntary Local Review Workshop for Latin American and Caribbean countries

Enrique V. Iglesias Auditorium

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Tue, 25/04/2023 - 15:00 to 19:00

Organizer: UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs y Oficina de la Secretaría Ejecutiva de la CEPAL


This year, four Latin American and Caribbean countries will formally present their VNRs during the HLPF in July 2023: St. Kitts and Navis for the first time, Barbados and Guyana for the second time, and Chile for the third time. Participants at this regional workshop will include representatives from the 2023 VNR countries as well as those countries that intend to present their VNR in 2024 and beyond; other countries from the Latin American and Caribbean region, including those actively involved in ECLAC’s Community of Practice on VNRs for LAC countries that may share relevant experiences from VNR processes of previous years; local authorities from the LAC region that have been involved in SDG localization efforts and/or the preparation of VLRs; Resident Coordinators of the United Nations system and representatives of their offices, and other officials of the United Nations system, including from DESA and ECLAC, as well as other actors, including civil society and the academic sector.

Goal of the Workshop
The main goal of the workshop is to strengthen the knowledge and capacities of LAC countries in the formulation and preparation of their VNRs and VLRs as part of national strategy to implement and monitor the 2030 Agenda, and to enhance vertical integration across the local, national, regional and global levels.

The workshop will include interactive sessions on national efforts to prepare for VNRs and follow-up to the 2030 Agenda. Specific areas will be discussed, such as the strategies and roadmaps for the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda in all its dimensions in the medium and long term, the importance of the territorialization of the SDGs, monitoring and measuring progress, identifying challenges and solutions, and active participation of relevant actors, among others. Valuable lessons learned from past VNR and VLR processes will be showcased, as well as the key messages that emerged from ECLAC’s Community of Practice. Additionally, VNRs and VLRs will be reflected on as a tool to accelerate action for the SDGs within the framework of the Decade of Action and with a view towards the United Nations SDG Summit coming up in September 2023. The workshop will be held in a spirit of peer learning by encouraging the exchange of concrete experiences from the participating countries and local authorities. Countries will be invited to give presentations based on guiding questions, which will be followed by interactive discussions to encourage dialogue and exchange among all participants.